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Water Safety Resources

Water Smart Broward

Water Smart Broward is a community coalition to create, coordinate and monitor strategic prevention interventions throughout Broward County. It’s mission is to protect children from drowning fatalities and aquatic related disabilities and injuries by promoting safer behaviors and providing premier, strategic community-wide education within Broward County.

With the goal of reducing fatal and nonfatal drowning among the most vulnerable population, children ages 1 to 4, its vision is to achieve and sustain a zero drowning rate among children in Broward County.

SWIM Central

SWIM Central is the coordinating agency for water-safety instruction and awareness in Broward County.

SWIM Central’s curriculum-based programs provide water-safety classes taught by certified water-safety instructors during the school day who have been carefully selected and trained through SWIM Central.

More than 180 elementary schools transport children to SWIM Central educational programs offered in neighborhood pools. Children in summer camps and day-care centers also benefit from SWIM Central programs.

Miami-Dade Drowing Coalition

The Miami-Dade Drowning Coalition was founded to bring together the water safety community and to provide a centralized resource for the coordination of information and programs related to water safety awareness, education and advocacy to reduce drowning, non-fatal drowning, and other water related injuries in Miami-Dade.

The Coalition provides a list of places to learn to swim in Miami-Dade County as well as other resources and tips aimed at raising awareness and preventing drowning, particularly among the most vulnerable children under 6 years old.

American Red Cross

Training people how to respond to and prepare for emergencies is a core mission of the American Red Cross. We offer a range of health and safety classes that teach you new skills, keep you knowledgeable, confident and ready to respond in almost any emergency situation.

With classes across all key areas of training, available online and in classrooms across the country, the Red Cross delivers the training you seek, when, where and how you need it.

American Heart Association

As the world leader in CPR, first aid and emergency cardiovascular care (ECC) training and education, the American Heart Association offers a variety of options for you to find a course (opens new window) and learn lifesaving skills.

Locate a local training center to become an AHA Instructor or to choose courses for family members and friends, employees, or healthcare providers. CPR training has been proven to save lives in drowning situations.


The Department of Children and families have joined forces with all 31 Broward County municipalities and various other community partners to support SaferBy4, a campaign to reduce child fatalities in the county, nearly half of which are due to drowning and unsafe sleep.

Through social media, newsletters, websites, parks and recreation venues, community events and other outreach methods SaferBy4 will highlight safety initiatives and promote awareness about preventable child fatalities.